Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Walking & Biking Tunes

From the SRTS National Partnership March Newsletter- some Safe Routes Music! What is that quote... something about if your revolution doesn't include music I don't want to be involved?
Download these songs and add them to your Walk & Bike Mix!

Blane Lyon Provides Safe Routes Theme Songs

"I want to walk"
"ride my bike"

San Francisco Bay Area musician Blane Lyon recently produced two upbeat, hip, and modern Safe Routes to School theme songs titled “I want to walk” and “ride my bike”. He originally created the songs for use in Santa Rosa, California, a location where the Safe Routes to School National Partnership is working as part of our Local School Project. Blane has now generously made these songs available for use in schools worldwide through the Safe Routes to School National Partnership’s website.

A poet since the age of 13, Blane Lyon has written more than 150 songs and performed more than 500 live concerts. He has always used his art to highlight social and environmental causes and has recently written a series of environmental "theme songs", including the two songs for Safe Routes to School promotion. "I love to write songs that are funky and that spread good thoughts and actions. There is so much good work to be done. It helps to be together and inspired and I think dance music is one of the most contagious and inspiring things on earth," says Lyon.

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership thanks Blane Lyon for his generous contribution. We urge schools and organizations using Blane’s songs to provide him with credit, and to link to his website, His album, “All People”, is available on iTunes too. As many say, “it takes music to make a movement!”

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green Wheel- Design Review

Today designbridge gave their final Studio Presentation on the three projects they are working on through the Architecture Dept. at the University of Oregon.
The one we're most excited about of course is the Green Wheel project for a new bike shelter at Roosevelt. We've been through some great
design charrettes, various design meetings, and discussions of budgets but the large chunk of work has taken place in their studio sessions where they have created some amazing models, worked out different
aspects of the design, drawn up some beautiful representations of the project, and created really great visuals to explain the overall vision of the project.

Each time we see more growth in the design it is an exciting advancement from where we were before and today's highlights of the new bench seating (and post/beam mock-up), a "rough draft" of a bike rack made from the old wheel bender racks, and the overall design is no exception.
The next step is to finalize permitting and come spring start in on the building!

The designbridge team has done a great job adapting to their clients needs (that us!) and the current plan to build in three phases still hinges
on finalizing some of the budget issues but with
the amount of energy and professionalism they
have brought to the project so far I have no doubt that some amazing things will happen this Spring!

The Green Wheel team has their own great blog here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eye to Eye PSA

Here is the first PSA put out by the Eye to Eye Campaign. It will be running in theaters this Spring & Summer.